Searching for the best photoshoot locations in Okinawa, Japan? Click here for pin drops to my favorite locations for sessions on the island!

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The Best Couples Photoshoot Locations in Okinawa

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I’ve been receiving a ton of requests on what the best photoshoot locations in Okinawa are. Since we live on an island, it’s obvious people want photos on the beach, near a jungle, or maybe even near the castle ruins, (which is honestly my personal least favorite.) ?

When I was doing my own research on the best photoshoot locations in Okinawa, I decided to go to a few places others had recommended. But honestly? I honestly wasn’t a fan of them at all! Castle ruins are a little too dark/cold for me, some of the beaches were SUPER crowded, (like multiple photographers always shooting there,) and some just were “meh,” or super overused.

Maybe I just have a different style, but seriously… I wasn’t feelin’ it. So, I spent the last two years exploring the island, and have managed to put together a list of my all-time favorite locations to shoot at! (I have a few more to head to soon, and I’ll update this post if I end up loving the locations!)



Searching for the best photoshoot locations in Okinawa, Japan? Click here for pin drops to my favorite locations for sessions on the island!



Best Couples Photoshoot Locations In Okinawa:

For the record, I literally can’t choose a fav out of these five… so these are in NO particular order!


#1 Location in Okinawa:

Hotel Moon Beach – (Main Island)

Wait… A hotel? Seriously!? YUP.

This hotel has SO many hidden gems around it for those tropical vibes. From a beautiful beach to rows of tall palm trees, grass to move around on (without worrying about getting eaten by a Habu,) and easy access to bathrooms and food, it’s pretty much paradise for sessions.

It’s an easy 30-45 min drive on the expressway from Kadena Air Base, and it’s beautiful year-round! (However, I wouldn’t attempt the first shot below on the Infiniti pool… I got in trouble on that one. Buuuut it was worth it. ??)

I’ve included two different sessions below that I’ve done at Hotel Moon Beach, and you can either scroll down the page or click on the pictures and click through them full size! Hopefully, this helps you get an idea of the variety of locations there! It’s seriously one of my all time favs. ?





Here’s another couples session at Hotel Moon Beach in Okinawa, just so you can see how versatile it really is!




#2 Location in Okinawa:

Hamasaki Beach (Miyagi Island)

Another favorite couples shoot location of mine, Hamasaki Beach! From Kadena gate 3, it’s probably a 45-minute drive! The precious couple below actually showed me this location!

In order to get to it, you actually have to hike through a little bit of jungle, (but it’s super easy!) You just follow the steps and rain gutter that leads through the jungle section, then bam! You’ll pop out on the beach. ?

I love this location because of the variety of areas to shoot in! You could shoot in the jungle trek on the way to the beach, on the rocks, in front of the rocks, along the beach, etc.! It just simply has a different layout than most beaches!






#3 Location in Okinawa:

Hotel Nikko Alivila – (Main Island)

Another hotel? Yep. But this one’s epic. It definitely has that “Spanish/Italian vibe” going on. From Kadena Gate 1, it’s around a 25-minute drive! It’s also super close to the Cape Zanpa lighthouse, so you could totally take some here and some at the lighthouse and call it a day!

My favorite spots at this hotel to shoot at are the steps in front of the pool (obviously,) the courtyard to the side, and the beach in front!

I can’t really explain it… just see for yourself. ? There are so many different spots around the hotel that photograph beautifully. I’ve actually used this location for both couples and fashion shoots!





#4 Location in Okinawa:

Random Unnamed Beach – (Hamahiga Island)

So this beach literally doesn’t have a name. Some people call it “hidden beach”, but it’s not the hidden beach most people know of! It’s a super random one, but it’s quickly becoming my FAVORITE. It’s about a 45-minute drive from Kadena Gate 3!

(The couple below actually showed this spot to me too! Yes, I tend to have bomb couples who adventure and know all the cool spots around.) ?

In order to get there, just walk the pathway alongside it and then you’ll find an opening you can trek through just a little way, and bam! You’ll pop out to some super cool shooting spots!






#5 Location in Okinawa:

Cape Hedo – (Main Island)

Cape Hedo is insanely beautiful. There’s really not another spot on the island like it. The only downside? It can take up to three hours to get there with traffic from Kadena Gate 1, so it’s definitely one you’d need to plan an entire day around!

When we did this session, I started on her hair and makeup in the morning, then we all left to go shoot and got there about 2.5 hours later, then shot for two hours or so, then left to go eat together at the restaurant by Okuma, then drove back (and I’m pretty sure the drive back was 3 hours. ?) So in total, I was working for probably 10 hours straight. What can I say… I love my couples!






I hope these locations are helpful, (that you find them to be some of the best photoshoot locations in Okinawa too,) and that they inspire you to get out there and shoot! Got any of your favorite locations you wanna share? Totally drop ’em in the comments and let’s build each other’s businesses up!

? #communityovercompetition


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