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Phew, that’s just the beginning. Curious what comes next in your JVP experience? 

Hear your story and closely listen to what you’re hoping for. Determine we’re a great fit. Book session. Keep up the communication leading up to your shoot (honorary bff-style texting, encouraged). Offer location scouting, help with planning and outfit selection, option to add-on hair and makeup, (plus tips & tricks to help you feel your most comfortable.) THEN diligently prepare, grab my camera, and show up on location… (early, I might add)...


Book photoshoot. Grab camera. Show up to photoshoot. Snap a few posed photos. Send edited photos a few weeks later. Next. 

Oh no. No, no, no…


...even if this is your very first time!

Brand Photography

Choose your adventure...

WEDDING Photography

COUPLES Photography

But I hope that by the time we're done, you walk away feeling like you had an experience in front of the camera like you've never had before.

Technically, I provide couples and brands with photography "services,"

Katie G.

"It was so much fun and I really appreciated how intentional you were with everything! You really let us be in the moment and slow down some which makes me super excited about the wedding day too because I know we will have some time to just really be there with each other. You’re literally the best. I could write you a review without even seeing the all of the pictures yet!"

"We couldn’t have picked a more perfect photographer.

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Valentine & T.J.

"I was nervous to book a photographer for our couples session, because my husband has high expectations for photographers. Many we looked at were not consistent in their finished work. I stalked Jess for a long time before I knew she was the right photographer for us! She’s so professional. You can see it in her photos, her online presence, and even more when you meet her in person. We couldn’t be happier with our experience and the images we received."

“We paid for photos, but the experience was just as worth it.”

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Chelsea & Taylor

"It is impossible to choose!!! We are seriously in love with all of them and look at them every single day, several times. I know I have told you a million times but you seriously are AMAZING!!! And you truly captured our crazy, carefree, passionate 🙈😂, happy relationship. Everytime we Facetime and talk about that day we are both smiling ear to ear!”

“We are so over the moon happy with our pictures.”

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Mina Marlena

I came to Jess with a few words and concepts that I envisioned for my brand, and she took it and ran. I’ll never forget the first image she sent me, and how mind blown I was. It was a dream come true and the first time someone truly shut me up. I had no comments, besides “I’m in love.” Even as I write this, I struggle to find the right words to really explain how truly talented she is. She’s simply some kind of magic. Everything she touches turns to gold. In short, I’ll forever consider Jess to be the best photographer I’ve ever worked with.”

“I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for this girl.”

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