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Arkansas Small Intimate Wedding

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Ashley and Erubiel had their fair share of obstacles when it came to wedding planning during a pandemic. (Can you imagine!?) But, even still — they persisted, and created the most charming scene to exchange their vows in. Their Arkansas small intimate wedding; nestled in the woods at Erubiel’s parent’s house, was one of the most perfect days I’ve witnessed. 


The Backstory:

Ashley & Erubiel met while working at Tamolly’s. She had just started the job a few weeks before Erubiel had come back for summer break. (He was schooling at HSU in Arkadelphia at the time.) But, their first impression of each other wasn’t even good! But as time passed, they became really good friends. For their first date, Ashley was working a double shift that day, and they we went to wingstop during their break. (Sounds like a perfect first date to me.) 😍

They officially started dating on November 22, 2015. One of their more memorable dates was when they went to dinner along the river walk in San Antonio during the holiday season, but their favorite will probably a weekend trip to Dallas. They had just bought their first home together and in celebration, (and NEED of relaxation) they took a mini getaway. They went kayaking together for the first time, and Erubiel was so good to her, (well… except when he kept trying to tip over their kayak. Ashely didn’t like that too much.) 🤣

Later, they got engaged on December 22, 2018. Ashley & Erubiel LOVE Christmas, so they went to Garvan Woodland Gardens for a date night. They ate at the purple cow (which is one of their favorites,) before going to see the lights. Following, they were walking around and he found a spot that didn’t have many people and he told her that he loved her, and then got down on one knee and asked if she would marry him. (He’s the sweetest ever.) 😭


Wedding Planning During A Pandemic

As time passed, they crossed obstacle after obstacle when it came to wedding planning. They had originally planned a large wedding at a venue near Texarkana, but because of the state of uncertainty regarding large gatherings. Alternatively, they opted for a smaller celebration instead. Looking at these photos, I don’t think they regret it one bit. 😉 (In fact, I recommend small celebrations over large ones any day!)


The Engagement Session:

For their engagement session, we opted for an adventurous waterfall session at Lake Catherine State Park. It was the perfect setting, because they LOVE water. Previously, she had mentioned on her questionnaire I sent over that she’d love to get in the water, so I made sure it happened. 😉  In addition, I asked them to tell me what they love most about each other. Let’s see what they answered! 💕

What Ashley loves most about Erubiel:

His gentle touch, his sense of humor, and he has a HUGE heart. He cares deeply for those he loves and it shows. I know you said 3 but he is also a family man and it just makes me excited to think of him as a future dad.

What Erubiel loves most about Ashley:

Her personality, her laugh, and her drive to get shi* done. (LOL)


Without a doubt, I’ll think they’ll be a pretty good fit for life. 😉


So without further ado, I introduce to you Mr. & Mrs. Erubiel Basurto! 🥂


Bride and groom arkansas small intimate wedding



Arkansas Small Intimate Wedding | Ashley & Erubiel:


A huge thank you to all of the family, friends, and vendors that made this day possible for the Basurto’s! 🥂


bride’s dress: justin alexander at gracyn elizabeth bride • bridesmaids’ dresses: lulu’s • cake: sugar and spice catering • furniture rentals: twin city conference and event center • groom’s tuxedo: gracyn elizabeth bride • groomsmens’ tuxedos: gracyn elizabeth bride • hair: brittni layne • invitations: tori frey • linen: twin city conference and event center • makeup artist: kimberly bearden beauty • officiant: shawna watkins wedding coordinator:  •  yolanda chism  •  floral design: albertson’s



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