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Hot Springs Arkansas Engagement Session


This late-summer hot springs arkansas engagement session with Katie & Dalton was such a blessing. We spent the afternoon into the evening adventuring around hot springs national park.

Katie & Dalton have quite the story. They met in kindergarten, (and were actually in the same class!) Katie transferred schools, but when she came back in 8th grade, her and Dalton were yet again, in the same English class. Her and Dalton would meet up and go on walks before they ever started dating. Their childhood homes were actually right down the street from each other. So as far as their first date goes – it’d be one of those walks. 😉


How He Proposed:

“I wanted to give Kate the best proposal possible. Kate signed up for this photography workshop with one of her biggest inspirations. She always wanted it to be romantic and a surprise so I felt it was a perfect opportunity. I got with the photographer who was all on board with the idea, and just like that it was a plan. The workshop was in Fayetteville so I drove up the night before and that day, the photographer led Katie out to a spot to take “good engagement” photos and there she found me on a knee proposing.”

She was of course, taken aback and in shock. Once she got back home, she face-timed her sister and bawled uncontrollably. (Understandable, right!?) 😉


One of my favorite things to do is to ask my couples what their favorite things about each other are. Let’s see what they said:

Katie’s answer“I love his faith and heart for God and unbelievers, I love how extroverted and outgoing he is because it brings out that side of me, and I love how not only does he always make me laugh, but also everyone else. I could write a book!”

Dalton’s answer“1.) I love her hard work ethic, and passion for the small things in life, I also love and look up to the fact that when she wants something instead of waiting and thinking about it, or finding excuses why she can’t do something, she goes for it all in with everything she has.

2.) I love her smile, and every time I see her no matter how either of our days went, instantly my day gets better because for almost 7 years now I am greeted to a huge hug and a smiling Katie. She’s supportive of everything I do and encourages me to go and achieve the goals I have set out, and she works so hard and is talented. (And beautiful, and I love her more than any person in the world. She truly is my best friend.)

3.) The most important thing that I love about my fiancé is her relationship with Christ. I am challenged to be a better man of Christ every day by Katie and I am forever thankful for that. What means the most to me is my relationship with God, and I think it is a beautiful thing when 2 people can live to serve God and help each other out through the journey of being a follower of Christ. She has been a huge blessing in my life and God used her to bring me to the current church I am at now and it truly is a beautiful thing.”

Whew. Yeah. It’s safe to say we immediately became best friends. 😭💕

Katie is actually a freelance photographer, and Dalton is heading to seminary in a few months in Fort Worth, Texas. I can’t wait for what God has in store for them coming soon!

Their small, intimate wedding will be in January in Destin, Florida (which I’ll be shooting and I’m STOKED ABOUT.)

So stay tuned, you’ll see their faces on the blog soon! 😉 But without further ado, let’s check out all the hot springs arkansas engagement inspo below:




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