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3 Productivity Hacks for Your Photography Business

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I’m sure there are lots of things we could call 2020 if we had the chance, but the one word that comes to mind for me is distracting. From sudden chaos to uncertainty, to more chaos, this year has been somethin’. Am I right? However, if you’re like me then you still have a dang business to run and clients to steward, and finding ways to usher in productivity is the best way to do that.


So, if you’re tired of this year trying to steal your peace and productivity – buckle up – because we’re about to break down 3 productivity hacks for your photography business.


productivity hacks

1.  Create a productive environment

This is a biggie. I’ve never been excited to get to work when my environment wasn’t aesthetically pleasing. Now, listen, I don’t mean it has to be entirely Instgrammable. This is about y-o-u and what makes you happy to be in a space.

If you’re feeling “blah” about the space you work in, you’re probably not going to want to sit there and work for too long. On the flip side, we’ve all been stuck at home a little longer than we anticipated this year, so maybe your space needs a change of scenery.

Either way, here are two ideas:

1. Spend 20 minutes tidying up before you get to work

You’d be surprised what this little trick can do for your mental health and productivity. First off, you’re getting your body and brain ready to be productive by doing something aka cleaning. Second, putting things in their rightful places (and vacuuming the dog hair off the office floor *guilty*) can make a world of difference in a room.

Shoot, you might even want to document this for Instagram when you’re done.

2. One word:

Yes, you read that right – I’m encouraging you to shop for the sake of productivity. First, some boundaries: set a budget right now.

When I’m feeling “meh” about my space, I choose one thing that could get me closer to my goal of it being “just right”.

So, here’s what you do next. Get up out of your chair, stand at the entryway of your space, look around the room and choose one thing (within budget) that would make the room a little more “you”.

My last purchase: a frame so I could finally hang a picture of my husband and I near my desk!



2. Beat distraction with a work timer


You know those projects that seem so overwhelming and time consuming that you don’t even want to start, so you procrastinate? Then, four hours later you’ve done everything but what you were supposed to do and your deadline is tomorrow.

Can’t relate. Just kidding, lol. Totally can.

That’s why I started doing “work sprints” to break down my tasks into bite-sized chunks of time instead of looking at it as one, giant project.

Try using the Pomodoro technique:


  • The Pomodoro technique is basically working on a specific task in intervals of 25 minutes on and 5 minutes off, for as many sessions as you need. Then, after about four Pomodoro sessions, you’ll take a longer break (usually around 20-30 minutes.) So instead of dragging along working on the same task non-stop, (which usually always leads to distraction,) you work in shorter, more focused bursts! This works SO well for my productivity levels, especially for culling + editing!


Also, I don’t sit in silence while I work. Here’s what I listen to while the timer is going:


    •! It’s one of the greatest tools for productivity. I’d always heard about how listening to a certain kind of music helped you focus, but this app is legit. I listen to the focus channel in every time I need to write a blog post, and I always stay super focused and pump out the best content when I do. It’s also awesome for editing photos! 


3.  Brain dump, sister.


We’ve all been there. Your office has a perfect ambiance. Your lip gloss is poppin’. You actually got dressed for the day. You crack your knuckles. You’re ready to tackle the project that you’ve been avoiding for days.


THEN. That thing you forgot to do pops into your mind like clockwork. 


The email you forgot to send.

The friend you didn’t text back.

The proposal you haven’t followed up on.


You know the drill. So, you switch gears. 

After all, you’re still being productive, right? Eh, wrong. You’re choosing distraction.

I know, I know. It’s a tough life.

Here’s what to do instead:

Keep a blank notebook and a pen next to your desk. Whenever a thought pops into your mind that feels urgent, but actually isn’t, jot it down so you don’t lose it.

This also helps you feel like you did something with that thought instead of it floating around and causing you all sorts of anxiety.

So, how do you feel in re: beating distraction now? Do you feel like these tips will help you focus more on the work you’ve actually set out to do for the day? Let me know in the comments below!




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  productivity hacksproductivity hacksproductivity hacks

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