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I don’t photograph maternity sessions much anymore… but when Morgan hit me up hoping there was some way she could snag an Okinawa couples session with me (even though she was pregnant,) I couldn’t turn her down! Especially because her and Andrew have the COOLEST story (like ever.) I just knew I had to hang out with them for the day. (And I’m SO glad I did – because now we’re all legit BFFs.)

Andrew and Morgan met while backpacking in California in 2011, (so naturally – the outdoors and being outside are what they bonded on the most.) They said they don’t know where they’d be without their love for nature! Therefore, it only made sense for their session to be an adventurous one!

They hit it off immediately as best friends, and slowly worked their way into a relationship. Morgan went off to college in Texas and then Colorado while Andrew joined the Marines. They had a few on and off years of long-distance – but finally made it official when Andrew proposed on a hike to Morgan’s favorite spot in the world – Big Sur, California in September of 2016. (Dying. Bucket list location.)

They had plans to move to NC where Andrew was stationed at the time but were surprised just a month later with orders to Oki! So in classic military fashion – they did the courthouse marriage to get the paperwork started as they planned a very last minute full wedding for April. (Wedding planning, or planning, in general, is one of Morgan’s favorite things to do!) They got married on April 8th, 2017 and have been in Oki since May 2017, and have loved EVERY moment. They couldn’t love this island more. She’s a huge traveler, so having access to super cheap travel out here makes her life!

Last year they took a two week trip to north island New Zealand, (Clay and I did three and LOVED it too!) And they did the whole van life too, so they could constantly move and explore the island! Turns out they brought back more than just souvenirs – as they found out we were pregnant not long after! 😂

I always ask in my contact form for Okinawa couples sessions what made that client reach out to me specifically, and what about my work they love – and this is what she said!

    • “I’m absolutely in love with your style 😍 we are looking for a maternity shoot as I am currently 33 weeks pregnant. But we tend to be put off by the typical maternity shoot style – which is why we haven’t don’t them yet. They tend to be so cheesy! We would love something different and edgier, or just a big “wow” moment. And you seem to have that look in your photography! I’ve been following you for over a year now. I know you don’t do maternity photos normally but I figured asking couldn’t hurt. 😆 I love taking our own photos but we never get any together since I’m always the one behind the camera.”

I mean… she literally asked in her email if we could do maternity photos WITHOUT the whole “maternity photo vibe.” That’s when I knew she was my girl. 😉

She actually hasn’t seen these yet, as she’s currently several days PAST her due date and should be in labor anytime soon. (Yes, we did this session only two weeks from her due date.) 😂

This shoot was such a blast. Well, aside from the fact that I got bit by something strange in the water, and Clay got toxic elephant ear juice on his hands and feet and was itching for several hours. However, it’s fine because these images are worth it. (And Morgan hooked Clay up with cortisone cream afterward.) 😂

I’m honestly floored at the fact that Morgan was 38 weeks pregnant and hiked to a waterfall.  😂 She was a total CHAMP and I know we’ll all be heading out on more adventures together soon, (once she has the babe!) Maybe we should head back to this spot and she can bring her sweet little baby along with us! Okay okay, I’m just dying to see their baby in those cool baby backpack things. Fine. I admit it.

I am so, so grateful for couples like this, they keep me fired up to spread beautiful images and experiences all across the world. 😭🖤Oh,  and get ready for some fun guest appearances of wildlife we saw on the way out from the hike towards the end. Yes, this includes a close-up of a Japanese bat stalking us. 😂


Wanna book an adventurous couples session in Okinawa?

Let’s make magic. 😎👇🏼







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