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Hot Springs Arkansas Engagement Session

This late-summer hot springs arkansas engagement session with Katie & Dalton was such a blessing. We spent the afternoon into the evening adventuring around hot springs national park.

Katie & Dalton have quite the story. They met in kindergarten, (and were actually in the same class!) Katie transferred schools, but when she came back in 8th grade, her and Dalton were yet again, in the same English class. Her and Dalton would meet up and go on walks before they ever started dating. Their childhood homes were actually right down the street from each other. So as far as their first date goes – it’d be one of those walks. 😉


How He Proposed:

“I wanted to give Kate the best proposal possible. Kate signed up for this photography workshop with one of her biggest inspirations. She always wanted it to be romantic and a surprise so I felt it was a perfect opportunity. I got with the photographer who was all on board with the idea, and just like that it was a plan. The workshop was in Fayetteville so I drove up the night before and that day, the photographer led Katie out to a spot to take “good engagement” photos and there she found me on a knee proposing.”

She was of course, taken aback and in shock. Once she got back home, she face-timed her sister and bawled uncontrollably. (Understandable, right!?) 😉


One of my favorite things to do is to ask my couples what their favorite things about each other are. Let’s see what they said:

Katie’s answer“I love his faith and heart for God and unbelievers, I love how extroverted and outgoing he is because it brings out that side of me, and I love how not only does he always make me laugh, but also everyone else. I could write a book!”

Dalton’s answer“1.) I love her hard work ethic, and passion for the small things in life, I also love and look up to the fact that when she wants something instead of waiting and thinking about it, or finding excuses why she can’t do something, she goes for it all in with everything she has.

2.) I love her smile, and every time I see her no matter how either of our days went, instantly my day gets better because for almost 7 years now I am greeted to a huge hug and a smiling Katie. She’s supportive of everything I do and encourages me to go and achieve the goals I have set out, and she works so hard and is talented. (And beautiful, and I love her more than any person in the world. She truly is my best friend.)

3.) The most important thing that I love about my fiancé is her relationship with Christ. I am challenged to be a better man of Christ every day by Katie and I am forever thankful for that. What means the most to me is my relationship with God, and I think it is a beautiful thing when 2 people can live to serve God and help each other out through the journey of being a follower of Christ. She has been a huge blessing in my life and God used her to bring me to the current church I am at now and it truly is a beautiful thing.”

Whew. Yeah. It’s safe to say we immediately became best friends. 😭💕

Katie is actually a freelance photographer, and Dalton is heading to seminary in a few months in Fort Worth, Texas. I can’t wait for what God has in store for them coming soon!

Their small, intimate wedding will be in January in Destin, Florida (which I’ll be shooting and I’m STOKED ABOUT.)

So stay tuned, you’ll see their faces on the blog soon! 😉 But without further ado, let’s check out all the hot springs arkansas engagement inspo below:


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Engagements & Couples

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Couple’s Anniversary Session in Okinawa | Valentine & T.J.

There’s a pretty funny story about this couple’s anniversary session with Valentine & T.J. We planned to do this session back in September, but every single time we were going to shoot it would rain. (And I don’t just mean rain, they were typhoon conditions!) We live on a tiny island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, so you have to take typhoons and weather seriously. 


I needed to go back to the states in October to shoot a wedding, so we decided to push the session to January when I’d be returning! January rolled around, and as we all walked into my apartment to start on hair and makeup, we found that my two husky pups, Koda and Keira, had eaten an entire bottle of Aleve-liquid gels. 😅


In case you didn’t know, those are HIGHLY toxic to dogs. Therefore, we had to reschedule yet again. I rushed my pups to the emergency vet, apologizing as I ran out the door. Lol! The next time we were supposed to shoot, Valentine wasn’t feeling well. She replied back with,”well, I just found out I’m pregnant so that’s why!” 😍 SO, we rescheduled for the last time, and the result is as follows. 💕


I’m SO glad that despite the crazy scenarios we encountered, we were able to finally meet and capture such incredible images together. They were both an absolute dream to work with, and so easy-going. I truly love and appreciate that every client I have is so down-to-earth and go with the flow-y. Without further ado, here’s what we created together! 



couple's anniversary session




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Okinawa, Japan Couples Session | Cassie & Austin

I had such a blast shooting Cassie & Austin’s couples session in Okinawa, Japan! They were the cutest couple, and even though Cassie wasn’t feeling too swell on the day of her shoot, she still pulled through like a trooper and looked INCREDIBLE. See for yourself! 😉

We chose to do this session out on Hamahiga Island, which is one of my favorite locations in Okinawa. There is SO much variety for shoot spots, and there’s usually hardly anyone there! (I’m always trying to find locations with very few people, because the couple then is able to truly get lost in each other since there aren’t any distractions!)

And I think Cassie & Austin were able to do just that… 😉



Okinawa, Japan Couples Session


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Fall Family Session in Texarkana – Cerrato Family

I don’t usually photograph families anymore, but when my own family members Becca & Joseph contacted me about shooting their very first fall family session with their 4-month-old to do it on the land we get together at for the holidays– I just couldn’t turn them down. 🙈

There’s just something about family. It’s the wildest thing, I used to always be one of the “kids” at the family get together’s (along with Joseph, pictured below.) Now that I’m 25, and we’re both older, we’re now the adults having kids. It’s the wildest thing. Here’s to the fourth generation being born in our family; and getting to capture their fall family session at the perfect place. 💕



Click here for all the fall family session inspiration you'll need! Featuring a precious couple, a 4-month old baby boy, and some beautiful land down south.





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texarkana styled elopement

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Texarkana Styled Elopement – Alexis & Jacob

Weeks before meeting Alexis, Jacob was wrestling with God. He had just gotten out of a relationship and was unsure if there was anyone better for him. He started going to church to pursue Jesus, trusting He would direct his steps.

One day, He walked into church, and when he saw Alexis, God told him that he would marry her one day. (Keep in mind, he didn’t even know her name.)

Alexis, on the other hand — felt as if her walk with God wasn’t firm. She wasn’t truly living for God during that time, but she was trying to. She had broken hearts before, as well as had her own heart broken – but she was actively seeking Jesus in hopes of restoration. ⁣⁣

Jacob patiently waited two years for her. They hadn’t even spoken or tried to date during that time. Around the two year mark, they began to talk and spend time together. Then, God gave Jacob a vision in a dream. In his dream, Alexis was torn between him and another man that she was pursuing, and God told him to tell her that he knew about her dream, and that she was supposed to choose Him. She was to be his wife. ⁣⁣(BOLD right!?)

She hadn’t told ANYONE about this situation. So understandably, she was startled and needed to sit on it. She remembers telling the Lord, “I will break this guys’ heart. I will tell him to go away.”

And then the Lord said to her, “you can be with someone else and have a good marriage, or you can be with Jacob and have a great marriage. I will let you choose.” ⁣

It was then that the scales fell off her eyes. That moment taught her that the Lord knows what’s best for us, even when we may think our ways are better. ⁣

Alexis stepped into the beautiful covenant of marriage with a man that would truly love her and put her first. A man that would be head of household and lead their family in the way God wanted them to walk.⁣ 

If you’re reading this, I want you to know that God will, and WANTS to do the impossible through you. He wants to bless you & move mountains in your life, but you have to be where He wants you to be. You have to be willing to move out of the situation you’re currently in. God will do the heavy lifting, but you’ve got to move your feet.



texarkana styled elopement





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Fall Engagement Session in Texarkana- Autumn & Stevy

Autumn & Stevy reached out while I was home for the holidays, to see if I had space in my schedule to shoot their fall engagement session. I already have their wedding on the books for next September at Tree Haven Venue in Simm’s Texas, (which I’m SUPER pumped about,) but I thought we were going to have to wait until I officially moved back from Okinawa, Japan in May in order to be able to do their engagements. Thankfully, I had the space and I was able to get them in before Christmas, and I’m SO dang grateful I did. 

I won’t write a novel for you guys, (though I absolutely could.) I’ll just leave you with the very Hallmark-y story that is Autumn & Stevy’s relationship. I.e. – they’re the couple that dated in high school, then drifted apart, and then years later they slowly and successfully found their way back to each other. (They jokingly say that both of their parents and families were more upset about their breakup than they were!) Yes, it all really happened – and as you can tell, they’re meant to be. Well, here… I’ll just let you see for yourself! 😉 

fall engagement session
fall engagement session
fall engagement session
fall engagement session
fall engagement session
fall engagement session
fall engagement session
fall engagement session
fall engagement session
fall engagement session
fall engagement session



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Intimate Backyard Texarkana Wedding

He held the crumpled piece of paper in his hands, trembling as he read it to her. Fighting back tears, he cleared the lump in his throat — a byproduct of emotions built up over the waiting season leading up to their wedding. Tucked away from friends and family before the wedding ceremony commenced, he exposed the deepest parts of his soul — vulnerably and gracefully handing the key to his heart, to her.

See, his heart had been broken before, but standing beside him – was redemption. A real-life example of God’s restoration power at work. 

The sound of his voice immediately calmed her nerves. She was safe. She was finally home.

The tension in the air was thick, yet fluid. I’d felt this before. It wasn’t uncomfortable, it was anointed. It was Holy Spirit.

We were standing on Holy Ground.

Though a barn wall stood between them in this moment, their hearts were adjoined. Nothing could separate them.

With each passing sentence, we slowed our movement, exhaling and soaking in the peace only Jesus could bring to a moment so powerful. We bowed down to the One who brought them together – standing in complete reverence to the King of Kings.

A prayer his mother spoke over him in the womb had come to fruition today. Heaven and earth had aligned; a true testament to the importance of steadfastness, obedience, and faithfulness in the Christian walk. This wasn’t just any marriage, it was a marriage built on the foundation of God – the way marriage was always intended to be.

Lenzie & Nathan’s Texarkana wedding took place in the backyard of her parent’s home in Queen City, Texas – a quiet and intimate countryside estate. With their friends and family surrounding them, they promised to love each other, and put each other first on this beautiful journey they were about to embark on.


I now present to you, Mr. & Mrs. Nathan Cobb…






floral design: Carmon Gauldin at The Hummingbird Flower Shoppe and Boutique

venue: lenzie’s parent’s backyard • bride’s dress: gracyn elizabeth bride in Texarkana Tx • bridesmaids dresses: Amazon • cake: Robin Hamnett’s Cakes, Atlanta Tx • catering: Chick-Fil-A, Texarkana TX • dj: Derek Jenkins • groom’s ring:  ShopWoodenWear on Etsy • Engagement ring: Micah’s Jewelers Texarkana, TX • groom & groomsmen suits: gracyn elizabeth bride • hair & makeup: Micheyla Nealy • officiant: Rev. Jep Cobb • photographer: Jessica Vickers Photography in Texarkana, TX • videographer: Chase Morris, Hot Springs Arkansas


Keith contacted me just two days before he needed a couples session in Okinawa, but we made it happen - (despite the weather!) Click here to check it out!

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Morgan & Keith | Okinawa Japan Adventurous Couples Session

Morgan & Keith contacted me just two days before they needed a couples session in Okinawa, but only because Keith flew in from England to propose to Morgan over a super short weekend, and THREE different couples (some that were past clients of mine, cough cough Kristina & Eric) – recommended me to them! How could I say no to that!?
It actually ended up raining literally the ENTIRE day we were going to shoot, but after some serious prayer while driving to the location (Hotel Nikko Alivila), I kid you not – the rain stopped as I was getting out of my car, and held out for their entire hour-long session. God is GOOD, and I’m so, so grateful I got to capture this special time for them before Keith left to fly back to England! 🥂⁣⠀
I’m SO ready for this sweet couple to get to kiss goodbye to the long-distance lifestyle here real soon. Oh, and their marriage is also now “officially” official… so… IT’S PARTY TIME! 😍🎉


Wanna book an Okinawa couples session of your own?

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Wanna book an Okinawa couples session of your own?

Let’s make magic. 😎👇🏼


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Okinawa Adventurous Waterfall Couples Maternity Session

I don’t photograph maternity sessions much anymore… but when Morgan hit me up hoping there was some way she could snag an Okinawa couples session with me (even though she was pregnant,) I couldn’t turn her down! Especially because her and Andrew have the COOLEST story (like ever.) I just knew I had to hang out with them for the day. (And I’m SO glad I did – because now we’re all legit BFFs.)

Andrew and Morgan met while backpacking in California in 2011, (so naturally – the outdoors and being outside are what they bonded on the most.) They said they don’t know where they’d be without their love for nature! Therefore, it only made sense for their session to be an adventurous one!

They hit it off immediately as best friends, and slowly worked their way into a relationship. Morgan went off to college in Texas and then Colorado while Andrew joined the Marines. They had a few on and off years of long-distance – but finally made it official when Andrew proposed on a hike to Morgan’s favorite spot in the world – Big Sur, California in September of 2016. (Dying. Bucket list location.)

They had plans to move to NC where Andrew was stationed at the time but were surprised just a month later with orders to Oki! So in classic military fashion – they did the courthouse marriage to get the paperwork started as they planned a very last minute full wedding for April. (Wedding planning, or planning, in general, is one of Morgan’s favorite things to do!) They got married on April 8th, 2017 and have been in Oki since May 2017, and have loved EVERY moment. They couldn’t love this island more. She’s a huge traveler, so having access to super cheap travel out here makes her life!

Last year they took a two week trip to north island New Zealand, (Clay and I did three and LOVED it too!) And they did the whole van life too, so they could constantly move and explore the island! Turns out they brought back more than just souvenirs – as they found out we were pregnant not long after! 😂

I always ask in my contact form for Okinawa couples sessions what made that client reach out to me specifically, and what about my work they love – and this is what she said!

    • “I’m absolutely in love with your style 😍 we are looking for a maternity shoot as I am currently 33 weeks pregnant. But we tend to be put off by the typical maternity shoot style – which is why we haven’t don’t them yet. They tend to be so cheesy! We would love something different and edgier, or just a big “wow” moment. And you seem to have that look in your photography! I’ve been following you for over a year now. I know you don’t do maternity photos normally but I figured asking couldn’t hurt. 😆 I love taking our own photos but we never get any together since I’m always the one behind the camera.”

I mean… she literally asked in her email if we could do maternity photos WITHOUT the whole “maternity photo vibe.” That’s when I knew she was my girl. 😉

She actually hasn’t seen these yet, as she’s currently several days PAST her due date and should be in labor anytime soon. (Yes, we did this session only two weeks from her due date.) 😂

This shoot was such a blast. Well, aside from the fact that I got bit by something strange in the water, and Clay got toxic elephant ear juice on his hands and feet and was itching for several hours. However, it’s fine because these images are worth it. (And Morgan hooked Clay up with cortisone cream afterward.) 😂

I’m honestly floored at the fact that Morgan was 38 weeks pregnant and hiked to a waterfall.  😂 She was a total CHAMP and I know we’ll all be heading out on more adventures together soon, (once she has the babe!) Maybe we should head back to this spot and she can bring her sweet little baby along with us! Okay okay, I’m just dying to see their baby in those cool baby backpack things. Fine. I admit it.

I am so, so grateful for couples like this, they keep me fired up to spread beautiful images and experiences all across the world. 😭🖤Oh,  and get ready for some fun guest appearances of wildlife we saw on the way out from the hike towards the end. Yes, this includes a close-up of a Japanese bat stalking us. 😂


Wanna book an adventurous couples session in Okinawa?

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Searching for the best photoshoot locations in Okinawa, Japan? Click here for pin drops to my favorite locations for sessions on the island!

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The Best Couples Photoshoot Locations in Okinawa

I’ve been receiving a ton of requests on what the best photoshoot locations in Okinawa are. Since we live on an island, it’s obvious people want photos on the beach, near a jungle, or maybe even near the castle ruins, (which is honestly my personal least favorite.) 🙈

When I was doing my own research on the best photoshoot locations in Okinawa, I decided to go to a few places others had recommended. But honestly? I honestly wasn’t a fan of them at all! Castle ruins are a little too dark/cold for me, some of the beaches were SUPER crowded, (like multiple photographers always shooting there,) and some just were “meh,” or super overused.

Maybe I just have a different style, but seriously… I wasn’t feelin’ it. So, I spent the last two years exploring the island, and have managed to put together a list of my all-time favorite locations to shoot at! (I have a few more to head to soon, and I’ll update this post if I end up loving the locations!)



Searching for the best photoshoot locations in Okinawa, Japan? Click here for pin drops to my favorite locations for sessions on the island!



Best Couples Photoshoot Locations In Okinawa:

For the record, I literally can’t choose a fav out of these five… so these are in NO particular order!


#1 Location in Okinawa:

Hotel Moon Beach – (Main Island)

Wait… A hotel? Seriously!? YUP.

This hotel has SO many hidden gems around it for those tropical vibes. From a beautiful beach to rows of tall palm trees, grass to move around on (without worrying about getting eaten by a Habu,) and easy access to bathrooms and food, it’s pretty much paradise for sessions.

It’s an easy 30-45 min drive on the expressway from Kadena Air Base, and it’s beautiful year-round! (However, I wouldn’t attempt the first shot below on the Infiniti pool… I got in trouble on that one. Buuuut it was worth it. 🙈😂)

I’ve included two different sessions below that I’ve done at Hotel Moon Beach, and you can either scroll down the page or click on the pictures and click through them full size! Hopefully, this helps you get an idea of the variety of locations there! It’s seriously one of my all time favs. 😍





Here’s another couples session at Hotel Moon Beach in Okinawa, just so you can see how versatile it really is!




#2 Location in Okinawa:

Hamasaki Beach (Miyagi Island)

Another favorite couples shoot location of mine, Hamasaki Beach! From Kadena gate 3, it’s probably a 45-minute drive! The precious couple below actually showed me this location!

In order to get to it, you actually have to hike through a little bit of jungle, (but it’s super easy!) You just follow the steps and rain gutter that leads through the jungle section, then bam! You’ll pop out on the beach. 😎

I love this location because of the variety of areas to shoot in! You could shoot in the jungle trek on the way to the beach, on the rocks, in front of the rocks, along the beach, etc.! It just simply has a different layout than most beaches!






#3 Location in Okinawa:

Hotel Nikko Alivila – (Main Island)

Another hotel? Yep. But this one’s epic. It definitely has that “Spanish/Italian vibe” going on. From Kadena Gate 1, it’s around a 25-minute drive! It’s also super close to the Cape Zanpa lighthouse, so you could totally take some here and some at the lighthouse and call it a day!

My favorite spots at this hotel to shoot at are the steps in front of the pool (obviously,) the courtyard to the side, and the beach in front!

I can’t really explain it… just see for yourself. 😍 There are so many different spots around the hotel that photograph beautifully. I’ve actually used this location for both couples and fashion shoots!





#4 Location in Okinawa:

Random Unnamed Beach – (Hamahiga Island)

So this beach literally doesn’t have a name. Some people call it “hidden beach”, but it’s not the hidden beach most people know of! It’s a super random one, but it’s quickly becoming my FAVORITE. It’s about a 45-minute drive from Kadena Gate 3!

(The couple below actually showed this spot to me too! Yes, I tend to have bomb couples who adventure and know all the cool spots around.) 😎

In order to get there, just walk the pathway alongside it and then you’ll find an opening you can trek through just a little way, and bam! You’ll pop out to some super cool shooting spots!






#5 Location in Okinawa:

Cape Hedo – (Main Island)

Cape Hedo is insanely beautiful. There’s really not another spot on the island like it. The only downside? It can take up to three hours to get there with traffic from Kadena Gate 1, so it’s definitely one you’d need to plan an entire day around!

When we did this session, I started on her hair and makeup in the morning, then we all left to go shoot and got there about 2.5 hours later, then shot for two hours or so, then left to go eat together at the restaurant by Okuma, then drove back (and I’m pretty sure the drive back was 3 hours. 😅) So in total, I was working for probably 10 hours straight. What can I say… I love my couples!






I hope these locations are helpful, (that you find them to be some of the best photoshoot locations in Okinawa too,) and that they inspire you to get out there and shoot! Got any of your favorite locations you wanna share? Totally drop ’em in the comments and let’s build each other’s businesses up!

😎 #communityovercompetition


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