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How to Call Yourself a Photographer Before You’re Ready

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We’re more than halfway through this unpredictable year, and if you’re anything like me then you could use a lil’ pep talk right about now. Because, as photographers and aspiring photographers (all levels are welcome here), one of our greatest hurdles is our mindset.

In order to get better at what we do, we have to get behind our cameras and prove to ourselves we know what we’re doing. And, with the way this year has been set up (LOL), that’s been a little more difficult than usual.

Maybe you started your photography business at the beginning of 2020, all bright-eyed and excited to hone your craft but weren’t able to book any shoots because ‘Rona went on a world tour.

Or maybe you decided to pick up that camera that’s been sitting on your nightstand because #pandemichobbies, but you’re tired of taking pictures of your dog, husband, or roommate (and they’re tired of it, too).

I get it, but just because this year didn’t go as expected and you didn’t book as many shoots as you planned, doesn’t mean you have to wait to call yourself a photographer. So, from my photographer’s heart to yours, here comes a little pep talk on how to call yourself a photographer before you’re ready in the form of *you guessed it* action steps.

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1. Let’s start with an unpopular opinion:

Some people talk on and on about how every single day another person gets a DSLR camera and then calls themself a photographer. And yes, I understand where they’re coming from. Yes, it is hard for those of us who have eaten, slept, and breathed photography and growing our business as a livelihood for near (or over) a decade – pouring thousands and thousands of dollars into it.⠀


Here’s the thing: we all started somewhere. We all got a camera and didn’t know how to shoot in manual with it. We all struggled with charging in the beginning and didn’t know how to set our prices.

If there’s anything we’ve spent too much time doing this year, it’s scrolling Insta. We’re all subject to fall into a comparison trap now and then.

But remember, the very ones that may be criticizing you for starting your business now, or trying to discourage you from it – were once right where you are.  And because they chose to pursue it, and call themselves a photographer – they have a business now. We ALL started somewhere.


2. Now, add faith and obedience.

Listen, girl, if God has been calling you to start your photography business, you’re being disobedient by staying scared and playing it small. Yes, even in a pandemic.⠀

David approached Goliath before he was ready. Over and over again in the Bible, people did things scared, before they were ready, and when the timing didn’t make a bit of sense. But it was by DOING that they encountered the blessings of the Father.

God is with you, He has every tool and resource to allow you to succeed at this. He has all the finances you’ll need. He has all the clients to send your way. But first, you have to do the work and begin building… and that all starts with stepping into the calling. You’ve gotta have faith – paired with action. ⠀

So GO and DO friends. I’m here for you, and I’ll stand behind your biz – even if no one else will.



3. Last but not least, educate yourself

If you’ve escaped the comparison trap and decided to cling to faith and do this thing but still struggle with your confidence, you might just need to invest in your education. Knowledge is power, friend. An investment in your education is an investment in yourself.

Before you start, ask yourself these questions:

What area of my photography biz am I struggling to feel confident about?
Is it the actual “business” part of it?
Is it getting behind the lens and taking pics?
Is it editing?
How to market myself and book clients?

I’m by no means trying to overwhelm you, but actually getting to the root of what you’re really afraid of is incredibly helpful because from there you can google, learn, and grow!

Shameless plug: this blog that you’re reading right now is actually FULL of helpful resources that were created to help you become a photographer and run a dang good and successful business at that. Best part? It’s all FREE education.

So, pour yourself some coffee and binge away, friend. That’s what they’re here for.


If you’re really struggling in your business, book a free clarity call with me, (no strings attached,) for me to help you pinpoint your biggest roadblocks. 

Then, if you decide it’s a fit and you NEED us to work together stat, we can totally proceed with mentorship and get this education party started! ?

I wholeheartedly believe that if you’re here and reading this page, it’s not by accident, girl. I’ve been praying for this years mentoring clients, and for God to truly equip me with the knowledge and resources, tailored just for you, to project you into your next season and help you to be more confident – because THIS is your year.

It’s time. No more excuses. Let’s do this, and rise up to who God has called us to be in both our lives and businesses. ??



a photograher



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Whatevs. Pinterest biz sesh, anybody!? ??

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