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With a headline like that I think it's pretty obvious, I'm on a mission...

To be honest though, I wasn't always the bold, spirited, walking juxtaposition I am today.

Glamorous and adventurous. Full of grit and Jesus-supplied grace. Playful and serious. Really into the color black and blaring worship music. Obedient to God and still wild + free. Ambitious in my career and intent on savoring life.

I’ve been the insecure adolescent struggling to find her footing and voice. The fiance battling the pressures of expectation and a devil who wanted us apart. The emerging photographer struggling with tsunamis of imposter syndrome and self-doubt. The wife who’s faced multiple relocations and needing to completely rebuild her business.

Like I'm willing to bet for you, life has taken me on an adventure... BUT GOD.

jvp is about embracing your story, savoring your season and finding your wild.

I relish in looking back, connecting the dots, and seeing the times he had my path all charted out as I failed to trust His timing and course for my life. 

So beyond being really intent on providing adventurous couples and brands with phenomenal images, and guiding my fellow photographers into new depths and destinations...

Because the truth is, when we’re confident we not only show up for ourselves, but we show up for others, too. We step into our purpose and really embrace our lives. 

That right there is what it's all about for me.

I’m really here to empower, encourage, and inspire you to show up in your life the way God created you to be. 

Yes, I’m a wedding photographer and I’m here to capture the important, can-never-be-recreated moments in your life. And yes, I’m a coach and educator here to help you own and run a successful photography business that doesn’t own you.

But to be honest...

After 7-years of long-distance dating and our fair share of storms, Clay and I decided above it all, above the big wedding and fancy details, we wanted to be married the most. Despite the push back and questions we faced from loved ones, we knew we wanted to start our first day as husband and wife in a way that honored us, and the new adventure laid before us.

So we wed at my aunt's kitchen table with my pastor (and my aunt's cat.) No frills, just each other and a lifelong covenant.

Shortly after being married, Clay received military orders to Okinawa, Japan where we spent the next 3 years as newlyweds. Oh... little big detail: Had we not gotten married when we did, I wouldn’t have been able to go with him. My pastor also sadly passed away shortly after. Having him marry us was the one detail that really mattered to me. C’mon, you can’t plan for that!

Our experience profoundly changed the way I saw and understood the concept of a “wedding day” and led me to working with other couples who wanted to pursue the road less traveled, too.

our story

and it went like this...


Met My Husband & Bought My First Camera

Clay and I started dating in 2010; old-school, long distance, military style. We had to write letters to each other while he was in Air Force basic training in San Antonio. He graduated in March, and we spent a week together with our families on the Riverwalk, young and in love. I also got my first camera for Christmas, and took photos of my dogs weekly!



Traveled the U.S. Competitively Dancing

I spent this year traveling the U.S. competing in dance competitions. So between that and still being in high school, that’s about all I did! 




 From Successful Teen to Dealing With Bullies to Finding My Backbone

I graduated from high school and was finally able to get away from a group of mean girls who ironically, taught me a very important lesson: never dim your light or hide in fear to make others feel more comfortable. We have to embrace our identity as children of God; as fearfully and wonderfully made. I vowed to never shy away from His light in me again. 




Dreamt of Living in Florida & Being a Full-Time Photographer

I spent the bulk of the year in college at TAMUT, then joined Clayton for the summer on the emerald coast of Florida (where he was stationed). I spent those summer days strolling along the picturesque 30A, dreaming of running a photography business on those white-sand beaches. I remember telling God, “One day, I’ll live in Florida, and one day, I’ll be a photographer.” Spoiler alert: both happened.




Won the Miss Texarkana Pageant & Competed in Miss Texas

I spent the year surrounded by college textbooks, tilapia + broccoli, and dumbbells. I won the Miss Texarkana preliminary pageant, and then competed in the Miss Texas pageant (yes, the Miss America Organization one!) - hence the food + fitness focus. I finished 13 out of 67, which for my first legit pageant, I’d say isn’t too shabby! I also shot my very first wedding that year for a friend and was hooked.




Accidentally *Officially* Started My Photography Biz (Thanks Facebook!)

I officially started my photography business… well, accidentally. I launched my Facebook Business Page before it was officially “ready” -- #doitscared, am I right? But since it already had a few likes (and over 500 in two days), I began taking on clients. My business grew rapidly, and the rest was history. (That's my first photoshoot, pictured above!)




Graduated College & Named Texarkana’s Best Wedding Photographer

Even though my business took off, it still came with its fair share of challenges. So being named the best in Texarkana was a really proud moment! I also graduated from Texas A&M University, started running my business full-time, and pursued my dream of moving to Florida with Clay. 




Married Clay and moved to Okinawa, Japan

Living on a 60-mile-long island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean is an adjustment for anyone - let alone newlyweds. Thankfully, God made this such a sweet season and adventure for us. I learned how to slow down and savor life, how to put my marriage and husband first, and developed a passion for working with other couples. 




Moved back to Texarkana, AR anddd #Quarantine

Like pretty much all of the world in 2020, we spent most of the year quarantined after a 3-year period of living in Okinawa. But I will say, it felt so good to be back at home. Living abroad really makes you thankful for American conveniences and food - ummm, ChickFilA, anyone? I put the extra time at home to good use by revamping the JVP brand, and introducing the Purposeful Photographer Program.







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Ya know, in case you were wondering…(you were, weren’t you?). Hey, when you’re exploring remote places of the world together, it doesn’t hurt to have a few things in common.

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jvp valueS

The principles that have guided me and this business

The short version of a long story: Clay helped rescue young members of a soccer team that were stuck in a cave - (Google Tham Luang Cave Rescue). It was no easy task and the King was so appreciative he gifted each person involved in the rescue a trip to Thailand. We chose Krabi and the Phi Phi Islands for our trip, and had a blast!

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In August of 2019, Clay and I boarded a plane to Bali to meet with one of my favorite business coaches, Maya Elious. I spent two VIP days with her building the framework for The Purposeful Photographer Program, surrounded by the most beautiful scenery. 

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Hands down our fav place we’ve ever been! We spent three weeks living out of a campervan, so we could wake up to a new sunrise over the mountains each morning, and watch it set over a new mountain, too.

New Zealand

I can’t get enough of how new landscapes force you to get outside and feel small, next to a pretty big God. Here are a few destinations that have left a stamp on my heart.

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