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How to Create a Freebie for Your Photography Business

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If you’ve been around the biz world for any amount of time, then I’m sure you’ve heard the word lead generator or “freebie”. Just in case you’re like, “Um, Jess, what are you talking about?”, I’ll define the term.

A freebie is a free piece of content that you offer potential clients or customers in exchange for the email address as a way to build trust and establish authority.

Some common examples of freebies are ebooks, a branded PDF, mini video trainings, or honestly any free piece of value that you can create and exchange. Catch my drift?

If you want to see one in realtime just hop on over to my site’s home page after you’re done reading this blog and right below the header you’ll find mine. It’s titled ‘4 Steps to Becoming A Confident & Successful Photographer”.

Alright, so now that we have a clear idea of what we’re working with, I want to teach you how to create one for your photography biz. Now look, you might be like, “Jess, I already have a freebie..”, and that’s amazing, I love it. BUT, 99.99% of the time, they can always be updated or reworked because there’s a lot more to a freebie than it just being “free”.

Let’s audit your existing freebie and go over what it should actually be doing in the next section. Cool?




What Your Freebie Should Be Doing for Your Biz

Whether or not you have an existing freebie, we need to make sure it does 3 important things. Remember, business is about building relationships, and if you can offer your potential clients something for free and of value, then you’ll start to earn their trust. People who trust you, hire you. Let’s dive in.

1. Your freebie needs to position you as an expert.

Now, I know you’ve heard this a million times, but we’re putting a different spin on it today. The way we’re going to build your expert persona is through a very special recipe called empathy and authority.

Before you even deliver the value, let your readers know that you understand the problem you’re about to help them solve & demonstrate why you’re qualified to help them solve it.⁠ So many times, I “opt-in” to a freebie and it’s just the free content, which is great because after all, that’s what I asked for. However, including a page or some copy before you deliver the goods is a great way to express empathy for the problem (that you’re about to help them solve), and demonstrate your authority.

Expressing empathy and demonstrating authority can look something like this:

This the very first page you’ll read when you download my freebie. In the second sentence, I immediately empathize with my photographer by telling her I know she’s feeling overwhelmed and burnt out trying to grow her successful photography biz.

Now hop down to the very last sentence for some authority. I tell her that because I’ve been exactly where she is right now and I’ve come out on the other side of it successfully, I’m now qualified to help her figure out how to set herself apart, focus on what really matters, and pursue her God-sized dream.

Boom! Empathy and authority on one beautiful page. Doesn’t it make you feel so much better when the person who is guiding you takes time to speak to what you’re feeling?

One last thing I want to mention in this section is if the content you’re about to share with them has given others incredible results – MENTION IT!

This will get them even more excited about you, and if your FREE content gets them results, they’ll have no trouble paying for your PAID services! This will also help build trust before they even hand you their credit card.



2. Share your USP (unique success proposition, in this case).

This piece of content is your chance to prove to your audience why and how you can help them become successful.

Now listen, I know you have a ton of value to share with your audience, but before you do, I want you to think about how you can share it with them in a way that makes it unique to you.

For instance, can you create and deliver your free content via a branded formula or system that is distinctive to you and your biz?

What I’m trying to say is a lot of photographers can craft up a posing guide and give it away for free, but can if you give your specific posing method a fun name, then you’ll be remembered for it!

Our customers associate our biz with solving a problem for them, so name your problem-solving solution freebie something that’ll stick, and then remember forever!

3. Last but not least it should QUALIFY your audience.

Woo, we could be on this topic for a minute, y’all, but I’ll stay off my soapbox and just get you the good stuff.

A lot of biz owners create a beautiful freebie, don’t think too much about the content, slap it on their website and IG profile, and hope as many people as possible sign up. After all, it’s one of the best ways to build your email list.

Here’s my spicy take on this: your freebie should be intentionally created for the audience you’re trying to attract and eventually work with.

For example, if you’ve niched your biz down to “elopement photographer”, then the goal of your freebie should be attracting clients who want to travel or elope for their wedding. Seems simple enough right? But so many people hyper-focus on creating something “free” that they forget all about who they’re trying to attract and build a relationship with!

Make it clear, and make sure it attracts and qualifies your ideal audience.


How to Create A Beautiful Freebie for Your Biz


Once you’ve decided on your freebie topic and written out all the content, it’s time to design. Your first option is handing it off to a designer. If you don’t know of one off the top of your head, you can always use freelance sites like Fiverr.

It’s basically a search engine for creative freelancers, and it’s affordable!



If you’d rather DIY your own, then I highly recommend using Canva‘s free service. They have tons of pre-designed templates to choose from, which makes plugging in your content simple. You can even upload your own branded photos, logo, colors, fonts etc. It’s a dream!



Alright, now it’s your turn to go out there and create the best freebie in all the land. If you implement these 3 simple tips then you’ll already be lightyears ahead of the business owners marketing themselves right now.

Remember: express empathy, demonstrate your authority, determine your unique success proposition, and make sure you keep your ideal customer in mind.

You’ve got this. Happy freebie creating!



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