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Arkansas Small Intimate Wedding

Ashley and Erubiel had their fair share of obstacles when it came to wedding planning during a pandemic. (Can you imagine!?) But, even still — they persisted, and created the most charming scene to exchange their vows in. Their Arkansas small intimate wedding; nestled in the woods at Erubiel’s parent’s house, was one of the most perfect days I’ve witnessed. 


The Backstory:

Ashley & Erubiel met while working at Tamolly’s. She had just started the job a few weeks before Erubiel had come back for summer break. (He was schooling at HSU in Arkadelphia at the time.) But, their first impression of each other wasn’t even good! But as time passed, they became really good friends. For their first date, Ashley was working a double shift that day, and they we went to wingstop during their break. (Sounds like a perfect first date to me.) 😍

They officially started dating on November 22, 2015. One of their more memorable dates was when they went to dinner along the river walk in San Antonio during the holiday season, but their favorite will probably a weekend trip to Dallas. They had just bought their first home together and in celebration, (and NEED of relaxation) they took a mini getaway. They went kayaking together for the first time, and Erubiel was so good to her, (well… except when he kept trying to tip over their kayak. Ashely didn’t like that too much.) 🤣

Later, they got engaged on December 22, 2018. Ashley & Erubiel LOVE Christmas, so they went to Garvan Woodland Gardens for a date night. They ate at the purple cow (which is one of their favorites,) before going to see the lights. Following, they were walking around and he found a spot that didn’t have many people and he told her that he loved her, and then got down on one knee and asked if she would marry him. (He’s the sweetest ever.) 😭


Wedding Planning During A Pandemic

As time passed, they crossed obstacle after obstacle when it came to wedding planning. They had originally planned a large wedding at a venue near Texarkana, but because of the state of uncertainty regarding large gatherings. Alternatively, they opted for a smaller celebration instead. Looking at these photos, I don’t think they regret it one bit. 😉 (In fact, I recommend small celebrations over large ones any day!)


The Engagement Session:

For their engagement session, we opted for an adventurous waterfall session at Lake Catherine State Park. It was the perfect setting, because they LOVE water. Previously, she had mentioned on her questionnaire I sent over that she’d love to get in the water, so I made sure it happened. 😉  In addition, I asked them to tell me what they love most about each other. Let’s see what they answered! 💕

What Ashley loves most about Erubiel:

His gentle touch, his sense of humor, and he has a HUGE heart. He cares deeply for those he loves and it shows. I know you said 3 but he is also a family man and it just makes me excited to think of him as a future dad.

What Erubiel loves most about Ashley:

Her personality, her laugh, and her drive to get shi* done. (LOL)


Without a doubt, I’ll think they’ll be a pretty good fit for life. 😉


So without further ado, I introduce to you Mr. & Mrs. Erubiel Basurto! 🥂


Bride and groom arkansas small intimate wedding



Arkansas Small Intimate Wedding | Ashley & Erubiel:


A huge thank you to all of the family, friends, and vendors that made this day possible for the Basurto’s! 🥂


bride’s dress: justin alexander at gracyn elizabeth bride • bridesmaids’ dresses: lulu’s • cake: sugar and spice catering • furniture rentals: twin city conference and event center • groom’s tuxedo: gracyn elizabeth bride • groomsmens’ tuxedos: gracyn elizabeth bride • hair: brittni layne • invitations: tori frey • linen: twin city conference and event center • makeup artist: kimberly bearden beauty • officiant: shawna watkins wedding coordinator:  •  yolanda chism  •  floral design: albertson’s



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Kaila & Caleb chose a secluded cabin in Broken Bow Oklahoma to exchange vows. Click here for all the intimate wedding or elopement inspo you need!

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Broken Bow, Oklahoma Intimate Wedding | Kaila & Caleb

Kaila & Caleb originally had plans to wed on the crystal clear beaches of Cabo San Lucas — but due to the unforeseen circumstances of a national pandemic, they had to have a last-minute change of plans, like so many have. They decided on an intimate wedding in Broken Bow, Oklahoma — and it was BEYOND perfect.


So basically, God knew what He was doing all along. 😉


Kaila & Caleb exchanged vows nestled in the serene woods of Broken Bow, Oklahoma in a beautiful cabin — surrounded by their closest friends and family, (and precious pup, Maverick!)


It was an honor and a privilege to be here, and I’m SO excited for this new adventure they’re embarking on as husband and wife, (and so stoked they chose to go ahead and make it happen.) Because at the end of the day, what matters most is that they’re married, and I truly believe it couldn’t have been more perfect. Honestly, if I could just photograph a Broken Bow intimate wedding every weekend for the rest of my career… I’d be happy. 🥂✨


Say hello to Mr. & Mrs. Caleb Zoda! 😍🎉




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Intimate Weddings

Okinawa Japan Boho Beach Wedding - Anna & Joshua -

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Intimate Beach Wedding in Okinawa Japan

Anna & Josh exchanged vows during a secluded, intimate beach wedding on Hamahiga Island in Okinawa, Japan on January 11, 2020. Their wedding was unlike any other — it was truly SO laid back, with a nod to the free and easy style of island living. No-one was rushed, and everyone just let it flow. #islandvibes

It was a DIY/boho style wedding — with a few pieces crafted by local vendors. Anna’s Mom made her veil, and one of her bridesmaids made the macrame in the photo booth, (that her dress is hanging from!) 

The weather turned out BEAUTIFUL, even though there were some rainclouds that appeared on the day of. At the first sight of a raincloud, Anna’s bridesmaids gathered together and prayed that the Lord would hold the rain, (at least until after the ceremony.) #girlprayergang

The way Anna & Josh lit up on their wedding day when talking about each other was the literal SWEETEST thing. You truly could just feel the love in the air, (as cheesy as it sounds.) I mean, just look at Josh’s face when he first sees Anna walking down the aisle. Oh yeah — it’s golden. 

To truly represent their faith and honor God during their ceremony, they even both led worship on the beach (yes, they’re worship leaders,) and had their close family and friends come up and pray for them during the middle of their ceremony. It was unreal. There are so many things I could say about them…



But first, let’s get a little backstory… shall we?

Josh and Anna have known each other since middle school. They met in their church youth group in about 6th grade, became friends shortly after and had a really tightly-knit friends group for years. Josh actually told Anna that he liked her via text in about 7th grade. 😂 (Fun fact: he was the first person that ever told her that they liked her!)

She says she was really awkward about it because.. well, middle school. (Can’t we all relate!?) They never acted on it, but he continued to like her through both middle and high school. They continued to be best friends, and in high school, he tried to ask her out — but she didn’t want to date anyone until after high school. Josh thought Anna didn’t like him, but then she told him that she technically never said she didn’t! 😉  That was in about 11th grade, and from that point on they knew they liked each other.

Fast forward to 2017, and Josh asks her dad for permission to date her, with the intention of marriage — so they started dating in November of 2018. After a while, they had been talking about engagement/getting married quite a bit. They basically just prayed, “Okay Lord, if it’s your will for us to get engaged this week, let us find a ring that we like!” (Turns out, they did!)

Now for the proposal, (my fav part!)

It was a really busy weekend with Anna’s graduation and Easter (they’re both on staff at the church), so the only day they had time was on Monday. She knew that he’d propose, so they just called it proposal day! (Love that!)

Josh took Anna to Aien coffee shop in the morning and they had lattes (they’re BIG coffee people,) and then he took her to transit cafe on the seawall for lunch. They were both pretty nervous so they couldn’t eat a lot. Then, he said for the next location he didn’t want to sound like a kidnapper, but he’d have to blindfold her. (LOL.)

So, they got in the car and took off to the next location and he pulled over and blindfolded Anna. Once they got there, Josh guided her out of the car. She remembers hearing music, cars, and the gravel under our feet. They were at BB Coffee which is their favorite coffee shop. (They’ve been going for years, and have a relationship with the owners). In fact, it’s where their first date was! Josh walked Anna up onto a deck and then told her to take her blindfold off.

She took it off to find her family, his family, and a few church families that have been a HUGE part of their lives and relationship for many many years. Anna immediately cried. Then, he took her hand and told her that he loved her, and that he couldn’t imagine his life without her. Then, he asked! (She said YES, of course!)

Anna and Josh both serve as the worship leaders at their church, Calvary Chapel Okinawa, and are also self-proclaimed coffee connoisseurs. In fact, they plan to open their own coffee shop together one day! (I’m totally going once they do!) 


I present to you — Mr. & Mrs. Josh Hagan! 🥂



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floral design: P style wedding in yomitan, okinawa japan

ceremony venue: shirumichu park, hamahiga island – okinawa japan • reception venue: koza baptist church • bride’s dress: the “florence ivory” from grace loves lace • wedding bands: olive avenue jewelry • cake:  manatu cafe &  jess sartore • catering: bama’s on camp shields, & the lumpia lady • calligraphy: Sartore Designs & Lettering • first dance singers: janoah benauro & bekah barnett • groom & groomsmen suits: Giorgio’s on Gate 2 Street, Okinawa • hair & makeup: salon718  • officiant: kevin johnson •  photographer: Jessica Vickers Photography in Texarkana, TX • videographer: maiko media 


texarkana styled elopement

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Texarkana Styled Elopement – Alexis & Jacob

Weeks before meeting Alexis, Jacob was wrestling with God. He had just gotten out of a relationship and was unsure if there was anyone better for him. He started going to church to pursue Jesus, trusting He would direct his steps.

One day, He walked into church, and when he saw Alexis, God told him that he would marry her one day. (Keep in mind, he didn’t even know her name.)

Alexis, on the other hand — felt as if her walk with God wasn’t firm. She wasn’t truly living for God during that time, but she was trying to. She had broken hearts before, as well as had her own heart broken – but she was actively seeking Jesus in hopes of restoration. ⁣⁣

Jacob patiently waited two years for her. They hadn’t even spoken or tried to date during that time. Around the two year mark, they began to talk and spend time together. Then, God gave Jacob a vision in a dream. In his dream, Alexis was torn between him and another man that she was pursuing, and God told him to tell her that he knew about her dream, and that she was supposed to choose Him. She was to be his wife. ⁣⁣(BOLD right!?)

She hadn’t told ANYONE about this situation. So understandably, she was startled and needed to sit on it. She remembers telling the Lord, “I will break this guys’ heart. I will tell him to go away.”

And then the Lord said to her, “you can be with someone else and have a good marriage, or you can be with Jacob and have a great marriage. I will let you choose.” ⁣

It was then that the scales fell off her eyes. That moment taught her that the Lord knows what’s best for us, even when we may think our ways are better. ⁣

Alexis stepped into the beautiful covenant of marriage with a man that would truly love her and put her first. A man that would be head of household and lead their family in the way God wanted them to walk.⁣ 

If you’re reading this, I want you to know that God will, and WANTS to do the impossible through you. He wants to bless you & move mountains in your life, but you have to be where He wants you to be. You have to be willing to move out of the situation you’re currently in. God will do the heavy lifting, but you’ve got to move your feet.



texarkana styled elopement